The worldwide pandemic has gut-punched us all both personally and professionally.

While we work to stem the bleeding, it’s hard to imagine that this is an opportune time to sharpen your brand or launch a rebranding effort.

But let’s face it, as the pandemic subsides, we’re seeing some brands live and some brands die. Chances are, that has your company a little nervous.

Now’s the time to become the purpose-built brand you’ve always wanted to be. To really engage and connect with customers. Assure your brand resonates. And be genuinely empathetic, transparent, and helpful. All wrapped in an aura of thought leadership.

All of the above is going to rely on a strong brand culture. Wait, what? When shell-shocked employees are already dealing with a heap of personal and professional issues? Yes! It’s critical that they’re energized, motivated, and focused on being great brand ambassadors who deliver on your brand promise every day.

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