Developed by Worthen Industries, PERCEPTION® is a premium-quality line of specialty wide format media, designed for the artistic and production demands of the graphic arts market. When they launched the brand and the product line, they wanted to showcase its colorful results.


Comprehensive Product Line Identity

Scope of Work

Brand Research
Brand Planning
Master Product Branding
Product Line Branding
Brand Standards Development
Website Development
Literatures System Development


The PERCEPTION logo and tagline reflect the substrate’s heritage and photographic quality.


The PERCEPTION website reinforces the colorful results the graphic arts market can expect with the specialty wide format media.


Product pages provide all the information that sets PERCEPTION apart—complete with selection guides and photo galleries.


Product literature details usage, specs, and tips and tricks.


Product ads tell a visual story that attracts artists and photographers.


Free sample packs initiate trial of new PERCEPTION substrates.