Mental New Year

Everyone knows that summer means a lull in effort, focus an productivity. Maybe it’s that summer vacation mindset that started when we were kids. Or the nice weather that has us staring out the window, dreaming of being on the beach or in the mountains. Whatever the reason is, the Mental New Year is about to begin, and you need to make sure you’re ready!

So, what exactly is the Mental New Year? It begins right after the long Labor Day weekend when you realize summer is over, and you need to kick your business into high-gear. With Q4-2018 beginning and Q1-2019 right around the corner, there’s no better time to review your branding strategies and make any course corrections.

If you’re reading this and thinking, “Oh man, that definitely describes the situation I’m in right now,” don’t worry! Now that you know, you can use the Mental New Year to your advantage! After all, everyone else is getting their heads back in the branding game, too.

What should you do?

Take stock of your corporate and product brand strategies. Are all of your communications on plan and on brand? This is a great time to review the year so far—in terms of branding initiatives, numbers, and objectives and tactics.

Conduct a brand audit that includes your website, social media program and demand gen activities. Everything following brand standards? Everything have strong continuity of brand story, brand face, and brand voice? Are your product brands rockin’ the marketplace? Are you staying true to your branded house or house of brands strategy?

Get ready for tradeshow season. With trade show activity heating up, are all of your properties and messages reinforcing your brand differentiation?

Make sure Marketing and Sales are strong brand ambassadors. Everyone in your organization who touches the brand should be in lockstep when it comes to your corporate vision, mission, and values, and your brand positioning, purpose and elevator speech.

Start gearing up for 2019. Sure, you’ll get a break during the holidays, but now is the time to be looking at fresh budgets, new product launches and brand upgrades.

And now a little toast, “Here’s to your brand health and prosperity in the Mental New Year!”


Michael Friend

Author Michael Friend

Michael is the founder and Chief Branding Officer of Experra Branding Group, LLC, a brand consultancy that works exclusively with printing, imaging, product identification, converting and substrate technology companies to deliver short-term results and long-term value. He’s a brand strategist, business consultant and creative director with a passion for helping his global enterprise clients leverage the power of branding to crystallize corporate positioning, launch differentiated products, improve business processes and increase sales.

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